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Our philosophy

We are committed to our customers’ satisfaction and take pride in providing quality service. Our highly trained professionals will make your moving experience pleasant and as hassle-free as possible.

24/7 Customer Care

24/7 Customer Care

Best Value

Best Value

100% Customer satisfaction

100% Customer satisfaction

Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions


With Dove Moving managing your move, you will have peace of mind knowing your valuables are regarded with care and your home with respect.
We take the time to fully understand your moving needs and work hard to earn your trust before ever lifting that first box. Four generations of moving experience has prepared us to fully anticipate all your moving needs.


Proud of what we do

dove moving and storage We will make your moving day easier. Call us today to start with your moving day.

Are you looking for a competent, reliable moving company in New York? You have found the right company as Dove Moving and Storage offers professional, top quality moving service, with an enviable track-record of successful completions. We have a wealth of experience in this field and our teams are trustworthy, hard-working and are completely customer-focused. Our goal is to deliver in every interaction an experience that builds positive, long-term relationships with you, our customer. We are always eager to assist.


Dove Moving
  • Licensed & Insured

    Licensed & Insured

    A licensed moving company complies with all local and state regulations and is serious about their business. Plus, if something goes wrong in your move, it is much more difficult to hold responsible an unlicensed mover as opposed to a licensed one.

  • Reputation


    The reputation of moving companies can be found in customer reviews and their affiliation with services such as the Better Business Bureau that provide excellent information on fielding complaints from customers.

  • Moving Assistance

    Moving Assistance

    In addition to moving, Dove Moving & Storage offer services such as packing assistance and supplies that will help make the move go even smoother.

  • Price


    Last, but not least, you should chose the price of the services as the tie-breaker between otherwise equally qualified moving companies. Remember, you are not looking for the cheapest moving company Brooklyn New York. You are looking for the best professional moving company New York has to offer at the lowest price.

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Storage Services

In addition to providing the best in local and long distance moving services, we can also store your items safely and securely on our property. We have designed our storage system with the best in security measures while providing the space you need for all of your items. We offer different sizes of storage areas that are under 24/7 security.

Our Storage Services

There are several reasons why so many people utilize our storage services for the items that no longer fit in their home, because of moving into a smaller home, or for temporary purposes.

  • Different Sizes of Storage Units: We offer different sizes of storage spaces that are designed to meet your needs. Whether you just have a few small items or many different ones that take up a lot of space, we have the right storage space for you.

  • Convenient: You can access your stored items anytime you want, day or night thanks to our services. This means if you need to store more items or have to get something out of storage, you can do so at any time.

  • Secure: Our 24/7 security ensures that your items remain safe while they are being stored. We have security personnel who routinely cover the grounds and monitor the storage areas for any suspicious behavior.

  • Perfect for Planning a Move: One of the issues that many people encounter is moving out of their old residence before their new home is ready. The timing of the sale can often be tricky and many people wind up having to move out before their new place is available. Thanks to our storage area, you can safely keep your items until your new home can be moved in. This means that you will not have to bother friends or family when it comes to keeping your items until they can be moved into your new home.

  • Affordable Rates: Because storage is a part of the many different services we offer to customers, we can provide low, competitive rates for renting space. This means that you can pay a low rate to keep items for a long time or when you are moving and just need temporary storage space.

If you are looking for a place that offers the best in convenient, safe storage services, then please call or contact our offices. Our friendly, courteous staff will explain our services, provide rates on different size storage areas and answer all of your questions.

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